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You got an RFID Impant!?!?

Yep! And not just myself, but my good friends Dylan Thrush and Nick McComb as well. The three of us have been thinking about doing this for years, and we finally all bit the bullet! Honestly, the process wasn’t really painful at all (more a feeling of pressure than anything), and the healing process was surprisingly short. You can see in the images above that the wound was small and clean. Once I’m down to just a scar I’ll add that photo in too.

Most people seem to be taken aback that I would have something so permanent done, but all I can think about is all the neat possibilities that are available to me now! I could use this to log into my computers, or enter buildings, or start vehicles! And in fact, I plan to do those three at minimum. Check out my personal projects section to see how that’s going.

For those who are interested, I specifically had THIS implant put in. It cost $60 at the time and comes with a sterilized pack with everything you need to have someone put it in you (we just had another friend who happened to be a vet do it for us, though we’ve seen tons of reports of non-medical people doing it just fine).