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Avionics Test Engineering Intern

Though I did get to work on some really fun projects during my internship at SpaceX, I unfortunately can’t go into much detail due to NDA’s and ITAR restrictions. What I can say is that I mainly wrote Python for a new avionics hardware test system. My experience with writing Python in the numerous other projects I’ve done really helped me out here, as the framework SpaceX has created was quite complex and would otherwise have been fairly difficult to write code for. I also wrote a simple tool for automating the creation of Jira work tickets so that the two teams that ended up using it wouldn’t have to have their members manually creating dozens of them as work and issues came in through a separate system.

I was also quite happy in that I got to perform some circuit debugging on avionics test system hardware, both for my project and for a separate test system. A final experience I had here was getting to work directly with the head engineer from a company that supplied a piece of test hardware I was interfacing with. It was quite incredible to see just how much weight a SpaceX email address had when trying to solve problems I had found with the hardware. Not only were they responsive, but in fact were willing to fast-track firmware updates for us to get things working. Coming from clubs and small labs where a support email might not even get a response for months, it was quite a refreshing experience.