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Home Power Monitor

Honestly, this project is pretty simple compared to plenty of the other ones I’ve done, but it’s also one of my favorites! I’ve always enjoyed having useful data about my life, whether it be the number of hours I listen to music for, or how much data goes through my home network a day. This little box gives me that wonderfully interesting data about the power usage at my house! The design uses a particle photon microcontroller attached to my home WiFi, two current clamps, and a voltage transformer.

The current clamps are snapped around both of the incoming 120V phases coming into the house, and the voltage tap comes off of phase A (and also powers the unit). Then, the current and voltage data is fed into a library that makes doing the wattage and power factor calculations trivial. While I could have done them by hand like I did in ENGR 202, it’s always nice when there’s just a simple library to do it. Then, after these calculations, the data is pushed to a local influx database so it can be integrated with my dashboard tool of choice, Grafana. In the future I plan to do long term calculations of useful information like yearly power usage data, and constantly integrated kilowatt hour calculations so I can estimate my house’s power bill as it racks up on the fly, but for now, just having it as live data is still super fun and useful! See below for a live view of my dashboard! It can also be viewed directly at https://grafana.home.caperren.com (**currently not displaying stats after moving to new location**).