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Denso Robot Pick and Plate

Near the end of my time working for SARL I ended up working on the original embryo plating robots that inspired the new smaller one that we built. Four of these robots help keep embryo sorting manual labor to a minimum, and I was tasked with performing some maintinence when the internal batteries died and rendered the robots inoperable.

Due to previous experience with the Denso line of robot arms from my applied robots project, I was able to re-calibrate the pick arms to their base and to the workspace. We decided to take this time to also update the pick heads to use twist-lock stainless steel needles rather than the fragile glass ones in use before. I also made changes to the pick and placement code so that adjusting parameters for tuning would be accessible from the control pendant, rather than having to manually update more code in the future. With these changes, these robots should be able to have their run times decreased, and tweaked in the future as necessary. I am also still working on documentation for these robots so that a future engineer can perform the same re-calibration steps I had to struggle through with a bit less effort.